1 Metre USB Charging Cables - Compatible with Samsung & iPhone 15

1 Metre USB Charging Cables - Compatible with Samsung & iPhone 15

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1 Metre USB Charging Cables - Compatible with Samsung & iPhone 15

The ultimate solution for keeping your Samsung and new iPhone 15 powered up and ready to go! Available in 1 metre length these charging cables offer convenience and versatility for all your charging needs.

With the Compatible USB Charging Cables, you can say goodbye to the frustration of short cables that restrict your movement. Whether you need to charge your Samsung or iPhone while lounging on the couch or using it in bed, our long option cables provides ample length for comfortable charging from virtually anywhere in the room.

Convenience doesn't mean sacrificing durability. These charging cables are built to last, featuring high-quality materials and reinforced connectors that withstand daily wear and tear. You don't use the to swing on! You can trust Generise cables to deliver reliable charging performance time after time.

Forget about hunting for a spare charger every time your battery runs low. Keep one of our USB Charging Cables in your bag, car, or office, so you're always prepared to power up your iPhone whenever and wherever you need it.

Plus, with the added versatility of USB connectivity, you can also use these cables with a variety of other devices, including iPads, iPods, and other compatible gadgets. Simplify your charging setup and streamline your life with Generise USB Charging Cables.

Choose Generise for fast, efficient charging solutions that keep pace with your busy lifestyle. Upgrade to Generise USB Charging Cables and experience the difference today!


1m Cable With Velcro Strap.

Compatible With Samsung.

Compatible With iPhone 15.

Convenient & Durable Based On Careful Use.

Lounge Comfortably.

Samsung & iPhone 15 Tested & Compatible - Yes, we actually tested them all!