7pc Blue Crystal Makeup Brush Set
7pc Blue Crystal Makeup Brush Set

7pc Blue Crystal Makeup Brush Set

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7pc Blue Crystal Makeup Brush Set

This Is the Essential Makeup Set for Achieving the Flawless Look You Want. Our Brushes Are Used by Both Professional Artists and Newbies Alike. With Soft but Durable Brush Heads Each Brush Will Serve You Perfectly to Create the Desired Look to Want. Easy To Use and Great for Contouring

Smooth As Silk: 

Most Synthetic Make Up Brushes Aren’t Soft Enough So That’s Why We Use High Quality Materials to Ensure That Your Angle Face Gets the Gentle Touch It Deserves.

Shaped To Suit You: 

Whether You Need to Use a Contour Brush Round Those Sweeping Curves or You Want the Versatility of An Entire Set, We’ve Got You Covered.

Every Brush You Need:

When It Comes to Choosing the Right Makeup Brush Kit for You, You Need a Brush to Suit Every Style, So That Is Exactly What We Give You with This Exquisite Set.


Cruelty Free.

Synthetic Hair.