Amazeball 8 in 1 Hair Brush
Amazeball 8 in 1 Hair Brush
Amazeball 8 in 1 Hair Brush

Amazeball 8 in 1 Hair Brush

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Miss Pouty 360 Degree Amaze Ball 8 in 1 Hairbrush

The Amazeball Hairbrush lifts and styles your hair as you brush from front to back and side to side. Just roll the brush, making sure to keep it on the scalp at all times. Do not lift the brush away from the scalp. For longer hair styles, it will never pull or break the hair. Thanks to the large vents and size of the head it will cut blow drying time down by half. Kids love it to as it's perfect for detangling and guarantees no more tears. Perfect for Combing, Drying, Curling, Detangling, Volumising and Much Much More.


Ideal for Long Hair, Short Hair, Thick Hair and Thin Hair.

Detangles Wet and Dry Hair.

Flash Dry Technology for Fast Drying.

Blow Dry in Any Direction.

Creates Bounce with Thick Waves.

Adds Body and Volume to the Hair 

Large Vents.


Enhances Quick Drying.


Heat Resistant.

Hair Care.

Brush Size: 

Length - 22cm

Diameter - 10.5cm



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