Contomplate - Face & Body Contour Stencil
Contomplate - Face & Body Contour Stencil
Contomplate - Face & Body Contour Stencil

Contomplate - Face & Body Contour Stencil

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Contomplate - The Perfect Template For Perfect Contouring - Face and Body

Looking for an easier way to highlight your cheek bones? Want sharper and more defined features! It’s time to get the Contomplate which is the perfect template for perfect contouring!

A simple guide to perfect contouring: You will need: Your Contomplate, an existing foundation plus two stick foundations (or equivalent): one that is two shades deeper than your overall colour and one that is two shades lighter.

The Face:

Step 1 - Start off by using fingertips or a Kabuki brush to apply foundation to even out skin tone and crate a uniform base.

Step 2 - With the darker of the two stick foundations, trace the temples with the curved edge of your Contomplate. If you have a larger forehead, carry straight into the hairline to minimize it.

Step 3 - To bring out your cheekbones, find the hollow part by placing your fingers on the sides of your face, and where you feel it dip underneath the bones, just above is where you place your pigment using the triangular part of your Contomplate.

Step 4 - For the nose, you can go a little bit narrower, define the tip with a horizontal line or you can carry it into the brow if you have a shorter nose to add length or width. There are three guides (inner, outer and highlighter) on your Contomplate to create your desired look.

Step 5 - Take a damp blender sponge or applicator and tap over the area of the contour colour, merging it into your base foundation. Tap in small circular motions using the bigger, rounded end of the blender because it has more space. But for details like the sides of the nose, flatten it and squeeze it into your hands.

Step 6 - Concentrate the lighter foundation stick underneath your eyes, a little bit in the centre of the forehead and on the chin, and the bridge of the nose. Blend any excess product with a damp blender.

Step 7 - Highlight the cheekbones, the tip of your nose, upper lip line and end with a fixing spray for a lasting finish.


The Body:

Step 1. Prime your neck and chest area the same way you would do your face, this will make the makeup stay on for longer and give a better finish. If you don’t have a primer, just make sure that the area is well hydrated and moisturized.

Step 2. You want to do this with your bra on, then start contouring and highlighting.

Step 3. Take a brush and start adding a darker foundation making a “V” between your breasts. Use the curved edge of your Contomplate. You want to add the dark concealer to the areas where you want to make it look like there is a shade and this way more depth is created. Look in the picture to see the example.

Step 4. Add a lighter colour to highlight and blend the colours together. You will be amazed what a change there is. *The directions enclosed are just a guide to get started. There is no right or wrong way to use the Contomplate. Have fun and experiment. You will begin creating a more flawless, sharp and defined look than you could have ever imagined.