Anti Chafing Thigh Bands & Chub Rub Cream
Anti Chafing Thigh Bands & Chub Rub Cream

Anti Chafing Thigh Bands & Chub Rub Cream

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Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands & Chub Rub Cream

Tired Of Your Thighs Chafing? Well, Here Is an Investment Worth Making. Our Netted Thigh Bands Come In 3 Different Sizes and Offer You Increased Comfort, Support and Relief from Chafing. Furthermore, Our Chub Rub Cream Offers an even Greater level of Protection. 




Increased Comfort 

Great for Extra Support

Relief from Chafing Thighs.

One Pair of Thigh Bands.

For even better results, purchase alongside our Glamza Chub Rub Cream.


C: 52cm - 60cm

D: 58cm - 65cm

E: 62cm - 70cm

How To Find My Size?

Measure One of You Thighs at Its Widest Part as Show in The Photo in Inches

Choose The Band Size Which Matches Your Measurement in Inches.

We Suggest You Purchase a Band One Size Smaller 

Material: Spandex and Nylon 

Washing: Hand Wash or Machine Wash on Cool Wash 

Glamza Chub Rub Anti Chafing Cream 50ml

Tired Of That Feeling of Chafing! Our Chub Rub Cream Is Suitable for Adults and Children. The Aloe Vera Enriched Anti Chafing Cream Forms a Breathable Barrier on Your Skin to Prevent Chafing and Aid Healing Caused by Repeated Rubbing of Skin on Skin or On Clothing. A Common Problem for Many People Has Now Been Addressed with This Highly Efficient Cream.  

Anti-Chafing Cream - Chafing Is a Common Problem, Especially in Hot Weather, Causing Painful Skin Tears. Anti-Chafing Cream Is Ideal to Protect and Moisturise the Skin. This Is Also the Prefect Protection While Doing Sporting Activity Such as Running.

Common Areas - Chafing Can Occur Most Typically on Inner Thighs, Feet, Female Bra Lines, Waistline, Underarms and Hands When It Comes to Sporting Activities Workouts. 

How To Apply - Apply the Cream Generously on The Parts of Your Body That Chafe the Most, Such as Feet, Inner Thighs and Underarms. After That, You Can Even Apply Another Layer for Good Measure. Wait About 15 Minutes and Put on Your Workout Clothes 

Happy Customers - We Bring the Highest Quality Available for Our Customers and Strive in Providing World Class Customer Service. To Stop the Chafing, Here Is an Investment Worth Making.


Soothing Aloe Vera.

Unique Anti-Friction Formula Providing Your Skin with Long Lasting Relief.

Non-Staining and Gentle Enough to Use Anywhere, Every Day. 

Unique Barrier Against Friction.

Silky Finish - Dries on Contact.

Non-Greasy, Non-Staining, Subtle Fragrance.



  1. Apply to Irritated Areas of The Skin.


  1. Repeat as Needed.


  1. To Avoid Increased Chafing, Use Prior To Activity.


If Pain from Chafing, Soreness or Rubbing Extends Longer Than 7 Days, Consult A Doctor.