Generise 2 Litre Hot Water Bottle & Generise Reusable Hand Warmer with Knitted Cover (Twin Pack)

Generise 2 Litre Hot Water Bottle & Generise Reusable Hand Warmer with Knitted Cover (Twin Pack)

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Hot water bottle is a perfect companion for a chilly night or to soothe those annoying aches and pains. With a capacity of 2 litres, you are sure to stay snug and keep warm whilst in bed.

Keep warm in the winter months,


2 Litre Hot Water Bottle. Ideal for cold nights and mornings.

This Product is made from Natural Rubber and complies with British Standards 1970:2012. SGS test report is available on request.


Approximate Dimensions: 32 x 19.5 cm

Material: Rubber


Generise Reusable Hand Warmer with Knitted Cover Single or Double

Our reusable hand warmers are ideal for excursions, sporting events and even for everyday use. As winter closes in, be prepared and get ahead of the cold weather. Hand warmers provide long lasting heat making you feel warmer and more comfortable.


Knitted Cover

Single or Double Option.

Ideal for your excursions around the world.


Give out a long lasting constant heat.

Perfect for cold weather adventures.

Random colour select - Blue, green or red.


1. To activate the heat pack, press and pop the small disc within the knitted cover.

2. The heat pack will then crystalise and generate heat.

To Reuse:

1. Put the hardened heat pack into boiling water and boil for approximately 5 - 10 minutes until the crystals have dissolved.

2. Once the pack has fully cooled down, you may re-use at any time.


The clear pouch is HOT when activated.

Do not place the clear pouch directly onto your skin.

Do not puncture the pouch.

If the pouch is pierced with a sharp object, clean with water. 

Do not drink the solution.

Not suitable for diabetics with desensitised fingers and hands or those with restricted movement.

Not suitable for use of sensitive skin.