Generise 90pc First Aid Kit
Generise 90pc First Aid Kit
Generise 90pc First Aid Kit
Generise 90pc First Aid Kit
Generise 90pc First Aid Kit

Generise 90pc First Aid Kit

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Generise 90pc First Aid Kit

Containing 90 essential first aid items, this comprehensive kit is equipped to address a wide spectrum of first aid scenarios. Whether for home, car, or travel use, it proves highly versatile.

Its compact design sets the Generise First Aid Bag apart, rendering it more space-efficient and portable compared to traditional first aid boxes and kits. Its compact size, light weight, and convenient carry handle make transportation hassle-free.

Crafted from durable nylon, the bag ensures the longevity of its contents while keeping them clean and secure, making it a perfect choice for a travel first aid kit.


The contents of the kit include:

X1 Foil Emergency Blanket Measuring 130cm X 210cm.

X1 Plastic Tweezers.

X1 Medical Scissors.

X1 Roll Of First Aid Tape Measuring 1.25cm X 4.5m.

X1 Elastic Crepe Bandage Roll Measuring 7.5cm X 4.5m.

X1 Normal Saline 15ml.

X2 Instant Cold (Ice) Packs.

X2 PBT Bandages Measuring 7.5cm X 4.5m - Skin Wounds And Dressings.

X2 PBT Bandages Measuring 5.0cm X 4.5m - Skin Wounds And Dressings.

X2 Triangular Bandages Measuring 96cm X 96cm X 136cm.

X2 Sterile Eye Pads Measuring 5.4cm X 8.4cm.

X2 Pairs Of Medium Gloves.

X3 Adhesive Wound Dressings Measuring 10cm X 10cm.

X3 8ply Sterile Gauze Swabs Measuring 7.5cm X 7.5cm (3" X 3") - 100% Cotton.

X4 Adhesive Knuckle Strip Plasters Measuring 7.5cm X 3.8cm.

X10 Antiseptic Wipes.

X10 Adhesive Plasters Measuring 1.0cm X 4.0cm.

X12 Safety Pins.

X30 Adhesive Plasters Measuring 1.9cm X 7.6cm.