Glamza 6 Pack Hair Chalk Combs
Glamza 6 Pack Hair Chalk Combs

Glamza 6 Pack Hair Chalk Combs

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Glamza 6 Pack Hair Chalk Combs

The "easy-on, easy-off" feature of hair chalk is great for women and men who like changing their look often or for those who want to do something flashy with their hair on the weekend but have to go back to a more suitable look on Monday.

One of the very best ways to stand out in a crowd and create your own unique look.

Add eye-catching colours to your hair in minutes.

Easily wash it out when you want to try different colours or go back to your natural look.

6 bright and vibrant colours:

Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink

Use them individually or with a mix of blends

How to Use:

Your hair should be damp (not dripping wet).

Apply the hair chalk by running an applicator through your hair like a comb, repeating until you have the desired amount of colour on the desired portion of your hair.

After you finish, dry your hair with a hair dryer.

Applying hairspray will help the colour last longer.

To remove, just shampoo your hair as usual.