Groomarang Beard Styling Comb & Groom Catcher
Groomarang Beard Styling Comb & Groom Catcher
Groomarang Beard Styling Comb & Groom Catcher
Groomarang Beard Styling Comb & Groom Catcher

Groomarang Beard Styling Comb & Groom Catcher

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Get Your Groom On With Our Groomarang Beard Catcher and Comb

Includes, Groomarand Beard Comb , Beard Catcher and Beard Oil

STEP 1 - Strap on the Groomarang Beard Catcher, to begin your grooming

STEP 2 - Use the Groomarang Beard Comb to shape and style your beard.

"The Groomarang™" Beard Shaping and Styling Template Comb provides the perfect solution to a badly shaped beard. Innovatively developed to be used alongside razors and clippers, the Groomarang™ is used to design endless facial hair styles, keeping the modern man looking fresh and up to date.

Be 2 steps ahead and show men the real meaning of Beard Styling.

Innovative Design - The two sized teeth comb design ensures that any size beard can be tamed and styled effortlessly. They also help to glide beard oil through the hairs. The brush ends provide the ideal clean up solution, ridding yourself of any stray off cuts.

Directions For Use - The Groomarang beard comb can be used for the neck Line, cheek line, jaw line, goatee and eyebrows.

Full clear & easy to follow instructions provided.

Groom Comb: Width 11 cm Height 0.5 cm Length 11 cm

Material: ABS

Groomarang Beard Catcher - Less Mess, Better Beard!

Time for a bit of beard trimming?

More like time for a big heap of beard mess all over the bathroom floor and an hour long clean up.

Even worse hair in the sink, hair on the soap, hair on your phone or worst of all, God forbid, hair all over your girlfriend’s favourite make up (guarantees long term stay in the doghouse). We have all been there, and it is headache us men out there simply don’t need.

Fear no more!

Groomarang Beard Catcher solves the daily headache men across the globe suffer from having to clean up their beard hair. The catcher fits around your neck and hangs onto any flat wall, leaving you with the perfect pit for your hair trimmings to be caught into and disposed of with no mess.


x1 Presentation Box

x1 Carry Bag

x1 Beard Catcher Cape

x2 Silicone Catcher Holding Cups

x1 Instruction Leaflet

Size: 80cm x 59cm

Material: Nylon

Care: Machine Washable

Very Important Note: These gowns are brand new, however, the black drawstring can sometimes shed small black fibres which look like small hair shavings but they are not human hair, they are just the fibres from the black string on the carry bag.