Groomarang Men's Bathroom Bundles
Groomarang Men's Bathroom Bundles

Groomarang Men's Bathroom Bundles

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Groomarang Men's Bathroom Bundles

Groomarang have combined some of its best selling high quality male grooming products into one convenient bundle for ease and great affordability. The kit include a combination our number 1 selling items like the men's beard shaping - beard stumble shaping comb with the Groomarang nunchuck for easy facial hair removal and eyebrow shaping. Finished off with the teeth whitening powder and eco friendly toothbrush for that perfect white smile and essential items like the gum disease reducing gum oil. See each bundle for details.

Men's Bathroom Bundle 1: 

Beard Comb, Charcoal Powder, Bamboo Toothbrush and Nunchuck.

Men's Oral Health Bundle 2: 

Gum Oil 15ml, Charcoal Powder, Bamboo Toothbrush, Metallic Tongue Scraper.


Groomarang Activated Teeth Whitening Powder

Made With Natural Activated Charcoal and Coconut Shell. Our New Innovative Teeth Whitening Solution Is Unlike Any Seen Before, Combining Essential Natural Ingredients Blended with A Refreshing Mint Orange Flavouring

 At Groomarang we provide high quality, safe and effective products, all at the lowest market price. The teeth whitening power is non-synthetic, uses no chemicals and is 100% Natural & Vegan Friendly.

How It Works

It has been adapted from an ancient old remedy. Activated charcoal has been used throughout the centuries to treat people who have accidentally ingested poison - with its porous surface, it attaches to toxins and impurities in the body to draw them out. It works in just the same way on plaque, tannins and stains on teeth, safely and efficiently lifting these off, helping to clear your teeth of any marks and brightening up your smile!

100% Safe to Use

This Teeth Whitening Powder is made with premium finely ground food grade activated charcoal, ideal for dental use, providing essential minerals to fight bacteria, reduce inflammation, reduce stains and provide a refreshing taste.

Suitable for everyone, including people with sensitive teeth and gums. 


Charcoal Powder, Mentha Piperita Oil, Aqua, Piperita Leaf Extract


50g Volume Tin which contains approximately 30g of Charcoal Powder


Groomarang Infusion Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrush

This toothbrush is perfect to use alongside your Groomarang charcoal teeth whitening powder. The beautifully crafted brush, infused with charcoal, helps remove stains and blemishes on the surface of your teeth within days!

Discoloration caused by coffee, tea, red wine and cigarette smoke can be removed effectively and teeth can brighten up. Requires continuous use until results are achieved. 


Eco Friendly.

Bamboo Toothbrush.

Charcoal Infused Bristles.

Brand New & Boxed.

Increased Stain Removal.


Groomarang Tooth And Gum Treatment Oil 
  • Stronger brighter whiter teeth
  • Stops bad breath and bleeding gums.
  • Used as toothpaste, mouthwash and ointment.
  • Treats gingivitis, gum disease and oral pain.
  • Made with 100 percent natural botanical oil.

Groomarang extra strength tooth and gum treatment oil provides immediate relief from oral pain, while significant improvements have typically been reported within 30 days of initial use by patients suffering from advanced cases of chronic halitosis, cavities, gingivitis, gum and periodontal disease, bleeding and receding gums, dental pockets, plaque, thinning enamel, loose, dull, sensitive and abscesses teeth.

Luxury Tongue Scrapper
Avoid Bad Breath By Cleaning Out Toxins And Maintaining Oral Health 

  • EFFECTIVENESS - Tongue scraper to remove any plaque from the surface of your tongue and prevent a bad breath.
  • QUALITY - Tongue cleaner made of durable medical stainless steel, this scraper is of the great quality.
  • MASSAGE - Figured surface of the handles massages fingertips during the use, thus affecting the nerve points
  • NO PLASTIC Tongue scraper stainless steel for adults and kids is more durable than plastic

The tongue scraper is designed for removing plaque and dead cells, restoring oral hygiene, and improving the gustatory sensation.

Better than a toothbrush - The tongue cleaner removes bacteria from the mouth together with tongue plaque. It is designed for the entire length of the tongue and is easy to use due to a thin head and handles that will not slip. It removes plaque from the tongue carefully and gently.

Benefits for the whole body - When used regularly, the metal tongue scraper significantly reduces oral bacteria, which cause bad breath. Cleaning the tongue improves digestion and increases the sense of taste to better enjoy food flavours. It is good prevention of stomatitis, caries, and gingivitis. Regular use of the tongue scraper boosts the immune system.

High-quality steel - Surgical steel is a durable non-toxic material. The surface of the metal tool is substantially free of micropores; hence, dirt and germs have simply nowhere to accumulate. In addition, this kind of steel is very hard and resistant to mechanical damage. It meets all hygiene, strength and quality standards and has excellent chemical resistance.

Massage handles - On the tips of human fingers, there are nerve points and endings. The surface of the scraper handles massages them during the use. While cleaning your tongue, you simultaneously improve the functioning of nervous system, internal organs, and your well-being.

No plastic or copper - Tongue cleaner is made of solid steel, without using any plastics. Steel is more durable than plastic and does not get covered by coating like copper. For the best results, the tongue scraper should be used on a daily basis.