Groomarang Waky Miswak
Groomarang Waky Miswak
Groomarang Waky Miswak

Groomarang Waky Miswak

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The Groomarang Miswak Toothbrush is the most organic and natural toothbrush known to man.
Made from the Salvadora persica tree. A traditional and natural alternative to the modern toothbrush,
it has a long, well-documented history and is reputed for its medicinal benefits.
Benefits to the Teeth:
- Strengthens the gums
- Stimulates the flow of saliva
- Freshens the breath
- Elimates slime
- Reduces plaque and prevents tooth decay
- Provides deep cleaning for whiter teeth
- Relieves toothache

Benefits to the Body:
- Enhances the memory
- Relieves headaches
- Improves eye sight

How to Use:
1. Dip the Miswak into a glass of water to soften it.
2. Chew approximately ½ inch of bark off one end of the Miswak.
3. Chew the end until it forms bristles.
4. Brush your teeth up and down with the bristled end.
5. Once the bristles wear out, repeat the process above. Each Miswak should last 12 days at least.
6. Store the Miswak in the container provided.