Halloween Spiders Large x10
Halloween Spiders Large x10

Halloween Spiders Large x10

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Prank Spiders Large and Small

These well designed spiders are made using premium material for the most durable and practical of use. Their eye catching appearance is ideal for that real spider look. The special design and unique structure ensures that they are the perfect trick prop for Halloween, April fool's day, practical jokes, parties, carnivals, costume parties and so on. You'll get a lots of fun from these scary and creepy toy.

Spooky Halloween spiders for decoration

Spiders and spider webs make the perfect decorations for a seriously creepy party!

Scare your friends and family with these realistic creepy crawlies!

Colour: Black

Material: Plastic


Realistic spider, soft touch, odourless ,eco-friendly.

High quality for durable and long-lasting use.

Eye-catching and creepy tricky prop for Halloween and pranks.

Great for inspiring your child’s mind and imagination.

High quality plastic spider is sure to give a scare.

Can be used for parties, carnivals, Halloween, costume party and so on.



Front To Back Legs - Approximately 5cm 

Side To Side - Approximately 5cm


Not recommended for arachnophobes!