Ingrown Toe Nail Corrector Clamp
Ingrown Toe Nail Corrector Clamp
Ingrown Toe Nail Corrector Clamp
Ingrown Toe Nail Corrector Clamp
Ingrown Toe Nail Corrector Clamp
Ingrown Toe Nail Corrector Clamp
Ingrown Toe Nail Corrector Clamp

Ingrown Toe Nail Corrector Clamp

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Ingrown Toe Nail Corrector Clamp

This is a Simple but Highly Effective Ingrown Toenail Correction Tool. Used Correctly, It Will Resolve Your Ingrown Toenail Problems and Bring A Healthy, Beautiful Look Back to Your Nails.

This Product Adopts Lever Mechanics to Change the Angle of Nail Growth. It Is Specially Designed for Curing Ingrowing Nails and Paronychia and So On. Made of High-Grade Material, Which Makes It More Durable, Practical and Healthy for You to Use. So, What Are You Waiting For! Don’t Miss Out.


Package Include: 1 X Ingrown Toe Nail Corrector Clamp

Condition: 100% Brand New

Type: Foot Care Tool

Material: Steel & Iron Alloy

Colour: See Photos

Size: Approx. 2.5 * 4cm / 0.9 * 1.6inch

Package Weight: Approx. 46g

Function: Suitable For Curing Ingrown Toe Nails, Paronychia And So On 


1) All Health and Beauty Tools Should Be Disinfected Before Treatment.

2) Not Necessary but For Best Results, Soak Your Foot or Feet in Warm Water For 5 To 10 Minutes to Soften the Nail or Use A Toe Nail Softener Like the Skinapeel Toe Nail Softener & Ingrowing Toenail Prevention Oil.

3) Use the Hooks to Grasp the Toenail from Both Sides.

4) Twist the Nut to Fix the Clamp to The Toenail.

5) Slowly Intensify Until There Is A Sense of Expansion (No Pain) And Place Your Foot or Feet Back in The Warm Water.

6) Tighten the Nut More Every 5 To 10 Minutes.

7) 30 Minutes Later, Take Feet Out of The Water and Wait 15 Minutes for Feet to Dry.

8) Remove the Equipment. The Toenail Is Reshaped So Position Some Medical Cotton Under the Tilted Nails to Prevent Rebound

9) Easy to Follow Videos Can Also Be Found on YouTube.

Key Features:

  • Solid Steel and Iron Alloy
  • High Strength No Distortion.
  • The Hooks Were Specially Designed to Match The Angle of Your Toenails Making Them Easier to Reshape .
  • Simple but Professional Manicure Tool, A Great Relief to Ingrown Toenails Patients.
  • Portable, Mini Size, Making it Convenient to Carry When Traveling or at Home.
  • Suitable for Professional Use as Well as Personal Use.

Caution Note:

  • For Patients Who Have Very Severe Ingrown Toenails, Professional Treatment Is Recommended. Do Not Correct It by Yourself.
  • Toenails Must Be Soaked For 10 Minutes Before First Time Use.
  • Increase Pressure Gently, Taking Extra Care for Those with Thin Nails.
  • Can Be Used Every 5 to 15 Days and Can Usually Be Cured In 1 to 4 Months.
  • Do Not Use More Than the Recommended Timescales.
  • Best Time to Use? Before Sleeping for Longer Lasting Results as This Means You Will Not Be Walking and Placing Undue Stress on Your Feet.
  • Use an Anti-Inflammatory Drug If the Skin Is Damaged After Consulting a Doctor First.
  • Please Wear Loose Shoes and Regularly Clip the Toenail.