Skinapeel Serum - Sheep Placenta - Skin Renewal Treatment

Skinapeel Serum - Sheep Placenta - Skin Renewal Treatment

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Sheep Placenta Serum

Description: Decreases the Look of Age Areas, Hyper Pigmentation, And Sun Damages. Capable Of Sustaining Mobile Renewal, To Keep Skin Healthy.

Directions: Apply 2 To 3 Drops of Skinapeel Serum to The Treatment Area Daily. Once Done, Apply A Good Quality Moisturiser of Your Choice. Avoid Direct Contact with The Eyes. Perfect to Apply After Using the Infinitive Beauty Micro Needle Derma Roller System.


Helps Reduce Hyper Pigmentation.

Help Treat Sun Damage.

Size: 10ml/ 0.34 fl oz

Storage: Keep in A Cool and Dry Place, Away from Sunlight. Once Opened, Best Stored in The Refrigerator.

Ingredients: Aqua, Sheep Placenta, Collagen, Amino Acid Moisturising Factor, Vitamin E.