Stargazer White Liquid Foundation

Stargazer White Liquid Foundation

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Stargazer White Liquid Foundation Is the Perfect White Foundation for that Fresh Faced Look Without Caking. The Rich Liquid Foundation Gives A Strong, Long-Lasting Coverage Without Being Heavy or Chalky. Named Best Foundation in Shout Magazines 2015 Beauty Awards.

Great Finish:  No Caking or Uneven Chalky Colour

Easy to Use: Use A Sponge to Apply, Building Up the Colour to The Required Level

Great Results: Used by Professional Make-Up Artists Since 1980 Our Experience with This Formula Means It Really Performs.

Creamy Formula: Designed to Give the Perfect Coverage with A Matte Finish the Light Formula Allows Light or Heavy Application with Control

Special Occasions: As well as Every Day Use, You Can also Create the Perfect Halloween Or Goth Look - Vampire, Ghost or Zombie When Used in Thick Layers.