SuppzUp Vitamin D3 1000iu - 180 Tablets

SuppzUp Vitamin D3 1000iu - 180 Tablets

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SuppzUp Vitamin D3 1000iu - 180 Tablets

Vitamin D3 has long been recognised for its many benefits, most notably its contribution to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth where it plays a key role in ensuring a sufficient level of calcium is present in bones. Other benefits of vitamin D3 include boosting the activity of immune cells and a further contribution to both heart and brain health.

Key Benefits:

Maintains normal bone & teeth

Supports normal absorption and utilisation of calcium & phosphorus & the maintenance of normal blood calcium concentrations.

Supports normal cell division

Supports normal function of the immune system & healthy inflammatory response.

Suitable for vegetarians


Drink water regularly throughout the day for optimal health and hydration

All timings are based on 1 tablet per day - any extra is the choice of the user.